Tuesday, 09 August 2011

Mensweek Diaries… Raf Simons Showroom, Paris

We saved the best for last. Wait, can we really say this?! Well, maybe we didn’t meant it in that way but there are certainly some designers who connect to us in a special way and Raf is definitely one of them. We’ve been carrying the brand for some years now and after the drop out of Hell Mighty Lang (as we sometimes like to call him), Raf occupied that empty space left in our hearts holding the torch for unrivaled, forward and inspirational fashion. Not quite sure if this makes any sense to you all but at least some of you get us crystal clear (hopefully). Having said this and admitting being completely bias to his stuff, there’s maybe not much else to say about the new designs, vibrant colors and exciting new shapes we saw a the showroom for SS12. Anyway, here are the pics.

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